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The Great Curtain Clash: A Battle Between Darkness and Brightness Lovers

As a self-proclaimed lover of darkness, I must say that I find myself in a constant battle with my dear mother.

While I prefer the cozy and comfortable atmosphere that a dark room provides, my mom just can't get enough of that pesky sunlight and brightness.

It's a constant struggle, really. During the day, I'll close the curtains to block out the sun and create my perfect dark haven. But my mom, she just can't stand it. She's like a vampire, but instead of being afraid of the sun, she craves it. She'll open the curtains wide and let the light pour in, completely ruining my mood.


It's not just the curtains either. My mom is always turning on the lights in every room, making sure every corner is illuminated. She even has a thing for buying bright and colorful home decor, which I find to be a complete eyesore.

But, I must admit, my mom does have a point. Sunlight is essential for our health and well-being. It's a natural source of Vitamin D and can boost our mood and energy levels. But, let's be real here, who needs that when you can just curl up in a dark room and let your mind wander?


I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. While my mom loves the brightness, I'll stick to my darkness. And, who knows, maybe one day my mom will come around and see the beauty in the dark. But, let's be real, that's not going to happen.

So, to all my fellow darkness lovers out there, keep fighting the good fight. We may be outnumbered by the brightness lovers, but we'll always have our dark and cozy corners to escape to.


Aayushi Satam.

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