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The Obsession Continues: "Tale of Nine Tailed”

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around because I have a tale to tell. The tale of my obsession with the Korean drama "Tale of Nine Tailed" and its main male character, Lee Yeon.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, "Oh my god, what's in that show that you just keep watching and re-watching it?" Well, let me tell you, it's the plot. The plot is amazing. The plot being Lee Yeon, the main male character.

I mean, who wouldn't fall for him? Have you seen his jawline? It's like it was chiseled by the gods themselves. I mean, we all love a good jawline, right? I'm currently looking in the mirror while I type this to appreciate my own toned jawline.

His personality, character, loyalty, and neatness are all top-notch. No offense to my family and friends, but they drive me mad because the shared spaces are always messed up by them. Like, please can you let your girl chill and enjoy the clean and neat space she organized? But I still love them, so it's okay.


In real life, I haven't met someone yet to match my organized and neat freak behavior. But let's be real, there is very little probability of finding an Aayushi-level neat person. I have no idea why, but people who are organized and neat are like angels to me.

Though my bestie Harini is neat enough, just not on the days when she's in her "cockroach mode" which is eat, sleep, repeat.


Anyway, back to Lee Yeon. He is perfection. Like, oh my god. Who wouldn't simp him? And oh my god, who doesn't like the main character wearing classy clothes? And oh my god, his loyalty and patience. Total classy aesthetic.

And then the female character is independent, strong, and fearless. Basically, so brave and smart. And the plot is like the cherry on top of the sundae.

So, there you have it folks, my love and obsession with "Tale of Nine Tailed" and its main male character, Lee Yeon.

I'll probably end up watching it for the fifth time and still find new things to appreciate about him.

But, let's be real, I'm just a hopeless romantic who can't resist a charming, loyal and patient character.

But hey, at least my love for this show is keeping me entertained and that's all that matters, right?


Aayushi Satam.

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